My favorite cars of the 50s, 60s & 70s

One of my all time favorites.

This was my first college car.  My dad and I found it in the back lot of a Ford dealer for $125.  It would fly.  Wish I still had it.
I have never owned one, but always loved the looks of these frog-eyed trucks.

Henry J... What a HOT ROD!
76 Pacer. Truely a car in a league of it's own.

I drew this one  for a local Ford Dealer's 40th Anniversary Ad.  They actually gave away a real  1957 Fairlane.   I  love the  sharp lines of these cars.
               I refuse to argue with anyone... This is the 
               best looking pickup of all time.
                    Wow!  I love these cars!
'64 Fiat 600D
          This was my first car.   Many, many
            fun miles were logged on this little 
            Without suicide doors I doubt that
            I could have fit my 6'5" body into
            a vehicle this small.
'57 T-Bird
I can't fit in one.. But, WOW!
                      Those were  beautiful  cars. 
                      Why in  the world  did  Ford
                      goof  it  up and  add  a back
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