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Billed as "America's Winningest Driver", Dick Trickle has, without question,
won  more  races  than any other race car driver.   I've heard estimates that
range from 1200 to over  2000  feature wins in his long career.  He has won
and CWRA over the past four decades.
                         1997 colors. (on a Taurus)
    The colors  remained about the same since M. Wallace drove the #90.
                           1998 Taurus 
                    I liked the 1997 colors better... What do you think???
                        1999 BGN Chevy
                     Thanks Jimmy Spencer...
     This is a car that I have fond memories of... The "White Knight".  Between my junior and senior year in high school we moved from Lake Crystal, Minnesota to New Lisbon, Wisconsin.  I had been to a few Minnesota dirt tracks, including the Minnesota State Fair Speedway,  but my new friends in Wisconsin took me to the races at Wisconsin Dells International Speedway.  Wow! do the cars seem faster on asphalt!

     Everyone went nuts when this Ford Econoline Flatbed would roll in - usually late - and unload a White #99 Mustang.  The driver was from Wisconsin Rapids.  His name was Dick Trickle.  Even if he didn't make it in time for time trials he would usually beat, if not put a lap on every Camero in the field.  He was already a racing legend back then in 1968.

     Here is what legends are made of... I remember one Saturday Night when the #99 car didn't show for the race.  At the end of the night, the embarrassed track announcer had to tell the winner that the trophy would have to be modified because they had already engraved Trickle's name on it.  Was the announcer kidding?  I have always wondered....
  One of Trickle's ASA rides was
this Pabst sponsored Trans AM.
One AWESOME loking car!


For a few years DT was known as the "Purple Knght" in this purple 'Stang.


Scott Wimmer's 2008 Nationwide ride
Scott is a GREAT driver and with the backing of RCR
he will have a really good season.

This is Johnny's late model he uses at his own Berlin Raceway in Marne MI.
  Johnny Benson Jr.  is a class act.  He knows his cars and he has the smooth to be there at the end.  He has Track Championships  at  Berlin Raceway...the ASA Championship as well as the  Busch Grand National crown.  He has what it takes to do the same in W.C..
Look at this 2003 Pontiac JB raced in Winston Cup...


           There are a few drivers whose driving style can best be described in cartoon form
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          Here's something different.... a legend car owned and driven by 
          Lee Rayburn of Chapmanville, WestVirginia.  Guess who Lee's
          favorite Winston Cup driver is(?)  Check out Rayburn Racing

                           Click on the #43 for a larger picture

     Ever since those Saturday nights in Wisconsin I have loved the sport.  When I lived in San Francisco I'd drive to San Jose to watch local short trackers.  While attending Cedarville College, instead of studying... I'd find myself at KilCare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio.  I even found a way to do a term paper for marketing class about non-verbal communication at local race tracks.

     In 1981 we moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where I was General Manager of radio station WMAX.  As part of a move to a sports format we started broadcasting races live.  Friday afternoons I'd pack up the remote gear and head for Kalamazoo Speedway where I would anchor the broadcast including time trials.  Saturday's we broadcast the entire show from Berlin Raceway.  At these races we had a full staff with anchor, color man and a couple roving reporters.  It was  exciting.  I got to know the locals like Johnny Benson Jr., Tim Steele, and Tim Fedewa.  I also interviewed such stars as: Dick Trickle, Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Allison, Ted Musgrave, Kenny Wallace, and many others.

                  WMAX sponsored several cars at Berlin Raceway and Kalamazoo Speedway. 

Rick Kline #06