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APR - 2017
My name is Tom B. Rady, I'm 39 years old, married only, and I do meet all of the qualifications of the pastor as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. I was born in San Mateo CA but then moved to Michigan where I attended the University of Michigan. After college the Lord directed me to bible college after which he led me to be pastor of five small churches. I have a desire service to the Lord, I have a burning desire to see souls saved, Saints revived, and the Church reinvigorated. I am very traditional although I am a relatively young man. If you would like to speak with me concerning your pastoral needs, feel free to email me at
APR - 2017
My name is Charles Frank and I’m an independent, fundamental, Christ honoring, sin hating, Baptist preacher who studies and preaches solely from the 1611 KJB. I preach that sinners are lost in need of the Savior, that Christians are to glorify the Lord in their character, conduct, clothing, and their communication (speech). In preaching I seek to, first of all, glorify the Lord and, secondly to be a help to people. A sample of my preaching can be heard at You can contact me at 706-422-9431, or email me at
APR - 2017
Smyrna Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida is seeking a husband/wife team to lead our music ministry. Our present music leader and his wife, are leaving. He is starting a church in Gulf Breeze, Florida. We have a 30ish voice choiras well as a 10ish piece orchestra. If interested please contact us via email: or you can reach the me @ 850.377.2242.
Bill Adams, Pastor
APR - 2017
My name is Matt Trezise. I am a young preacher currently serving as a youth director at Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Amherst Virginia. I have a burden for souls, and a burden for America. The only thing that can help this Nation is the Gospel. I was saved at a young age and my wife was as well. We are both willing to go wherever the Lords leads us. If you would like to see my statement of faith or resume please email me at or you can call me at 434-363-1178
APR - 2017
My name is Nathan Rice, I am a 26 year old Evangelist ordained out of and a member of New Beginnings Baptist Church in Asheboro, North Carolina! I'm posting this in an attempt for the opportunity to spread God's word to everyone and anyone that will hear it! I got saved at 10 years old anf was called to preach at the age of 17, and I have an associate's degree in Biblical Doctrine, and God has blessed! If you feel lead to please give me a call at 336-380-9995, or email me at
APR - 2017
Friendship Baptist Church Hartville Ohio seeking bivocational or retired pastor. Church 3 years old. Must be IFB old fashioned kjvo. Contact Pastor Tom Graham (330) 956-4417
APR - 2017
I am looking for a Separated Baptist Church that understands the
Biblical doctrine of a pastor led Church. I am not interested in a
deacon run Church. The Scriptures teach that a deacon is to be an aid
to the pastor in handling the regular, physical, and common duties
around the Church. In Acts 6 they were to tend to the widows in the
daily ministration of their needs. They are not the pastor nor the
Church guardians. They are there to allow the pastor to give himself to
study, prayer, and the ministry of the word of God. This is a Biblical
concept of a Baptist Church.
I have pastored for approximately 35 years. I have been married to one
wife for 40 years and have 4 children all grown and on their own. I do
not practice easy believism nor do I use or allow any contemporary music
or cross over music. I am King James only. If you
are interested in a man such as myself I am more than willing to talk.
email me at:
APR - 2017

Our church is moving into a new location on May 3, 2017 and we are selling all of our existing church furnishings and equipment. We will be using the money from the sale of these items towards the expenses of moving into our new building.

Some of these items include:

Bertolini Church Chairs: Quantity: 110 chairs. (Academy Blue Model #2017), PA Equipment including a 16 channel Mackie Mixing Board, Crown Amplifier, 2 White Peavey Speakers with Ceiling Mounts, 100' 20-channel snake, Baptistry: 300 gallon blue poly "horse trough" baptistry, Sunday School Office Dividers: light grey, enough to construct 5- 10'x10' Rooms, Pulpit & Communion Table, and more.

New Church? Looking to Remodel? We have everything you need to get started.

Please Call: Pastor Arcand @443-454-9223 or email
Visit our website:

APR - 2017
Pastor having 25 years of pastorial experience and pastoring several churches from Pennslyvania to Virginia . Most were small works. My wife and I have a burden for smaller to mid size works. I recently pastored Open Door Baptist Church in Eau Claire, Pa. for 10 years. We are currently members of Slippery Rock Baptist Church in Slippery Rock, Pa. My doctinial position is KJV only, Fundamental, local church, pre-trib, pre-millennial, and a separatist view towards modernism. I am seeking to pastor, but will also consider an interim work for a church needing a pastor. I can provide
references if needed. You can call or e-mail for information. My phone numbers are: (724) 791-2267 or (724) 679-4627)
and my e-mail is
or write me at Bruce Porter 349 E. Main St. Parker, Pa. 16049.
APR - 2017
My name is Josiah Finneran. I am looking for an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church in which to serve. I graduated from Ambassador Baptist College in May 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and Music. After I married my lovely wife, we helped in her father's church working in the music and youth ministries of Beckley Regular Baptist Church in WV. Currently, I serve on staff at Mount Vernon Baptist Temple in OH where I serve in the music ministry and help teach in their small Christian school.
I believe God has called me to be an assistant pastor and work alongside a more seasoned pastor in ministries such as youth, music, discipleship, outreach, and preaching. Seeking a good pastor willing to mentor me in ministry and leadership, I wish to be a partner in your ministry and work on the same team as we edify God's people and support each other. For a resume or to contact me, please email
APR - 2017
Twin Oaks Baptist Tabernacle is located in Thomaston, Georgia. We are in need of a piano player or a couple to take over the music program.
We are located 40 minutes from Macon, and 30 minutes below Griffin, Georgia. If interested please contact us via email: or you can reach the Church secretary @ 254.780.8452.

Because He lives,
Pastor Brandon Redden

APR - 2017
Andrew Kuykendall
Dependable, Biblical, Dedicated Family Man and Preacher
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
andrew.gbc@hotmailcom - 404-268-2506

The Lord has allowed me to serve in many places and many ways. I was saved at the age of 10 and called to preach just 1 year later. Growing up in a ministry family and spending several years on deputation for and working on mission fields has given me a broad understanding of just what God can do through whom He chooses. The message I preach is clear and simple- the Gospel. There is no other message worth preaching.


Outreach/Associate Pastor
Galilean Baptist Church - Lawrenceville, GA-September 2013 to Present
1. Assist senior pastor in any and all duties pertaining to office
2. Teach Sunday School
3. Work in regular mid-week youth services
4. Counsel church members when necessary
5. Plan and coordinate visitation and outreach programs

1. Establish a new Sunday School class directed to young adults and turned it over to a deacon
2. Reworked youth meetings into more coherent services
3. Established a foundation for future growth in youth department

Skills Used
1. Years of experience in church work
2. Knowledge of basic psychology gained through college coursework
3. Public speaking on a regular basis
4. Strong interpersonal and rapport building skills
5. The blessing of the Holy Spirit

Tri-Cities Youth Outreach - Bristol, VA- January 2010 to March 2013
1. Plan and coordinate youth rallies and multi-revivals in, through and with other churches
2. Set-up preachers and musicians for meetings and secure housing for them
3. Conduct services and prayer meetings

1. Saw a growth in number of youth in churches attending services
2. Saw genuine revival in the hearts of teenagers and youth workers and churches
3. Saw several professions of faith

Skills Used
1. Time management
2. Networking abilities
3. Prayer, lots of prayer

Youth Pastor
Community Baptist Church - Bristol, VA-March 2008 to December 2012
1. Teach, counsel and train young people in the work of the church and the Bible
2. Coordinate evangelistic outings and other events
3. Moderate and establish regular meetings
4. Study to improve my knowledge of issues, topics and the Bible

1. Grew a small group of four teenagers into the largest youth group in the area, in the ratio of teenagers to adults for church size
2. Established the Tri-Cities Youth Outreach and a network of other youth directors/pastors that is still continuing

Skills Used
1. Strong interpersonal relationship and rapport building skills
2. Knowledge of the Scriptures and ability to relate them to everyday life
3. Training in education from various college courses

Athletic Director
Central Baptist Academy- Bristol, VA- August 2006 to May 2007

1. Teaching and coaching in school
2. Disciplining students
3. Developing curriculum

1. Implemented the very first organized P.E. curriculum in a long established school
2. Coached various sports
3. Tutored and mentored in various subjects

Skills Used
1. Knowledge of physical education from college coursework
2. Leadership skills
3. Passion for education


Youth Ministry
Pensacola Christian College

Associate of Arts in Religion
Liberty University


1. Called by God to service
2. Married to one woman faithfully
3. Ruler of my house
4. Ready to both listen to and give instruction as needed
5. Desire to do what God had called

APR - 2017
Spring Branch Baptist Church in Campton Kentucky is seeking an Independent fundamental Baptist Pastor. We are King James only. We have been without a Pastor for quite some time and are sincerely seeking the Lords will for our situation. We don't have a lot to offer monetarily at this time, What we do have is a good core of people trying to rebuild our congregation with a love for the Lord, one another, and our community and a willingness to serve God in any way he would have us to. If you think you may be interested in our church call Doug Elkins at 606-668-3791. God Bless!
MAR - 2017
West Jacksonville Baptist Church is seeking for a minister of music. For the right candidate this position is full time. The candidate must know music and have experience with a choir. Our choir sings 45-60. Our style is one that includes hymns, Southern Gospel, and sometimes a little bit of a Campmeeting style. We still use the hymnbook, and sing some songs and choruses not in our hymnbook. We are not blended, but we are balanced. We also have a radio station ministry. We are a missions minded church and only use the King James Bible. Anyone interested may send their resume to
MAR - 2017
Calvary Baptist Church in Granville NY is currently seeking a Senior Pastor. Church has about 20 faithful members and has a parsonage available. Email for more information
MAR - 2017
Deep Creek Baptist Church in Burlington, NC is seeking a new pastor. We are a small Independent Baptist Church that still stands on the Old Time Gospel truths. We are looking for someone who has the heart of a Shepherd to lead our small flock. We believe in the KJV bible, we believe that the Bible is the complete infallible word of God. We are not for someone to fill the pulpit as we currently have that. Please send resume and statement of believes to or Tim Whitlow 300 Buckingham Drive, Mebane, NC 27302
MAR - 2017
Fellowship Baptist church in Bearden Ar. Is looking for an assistant pastor. The main responsibilities are bus director, jr church director. The position is part time salary, bi-vocational. We are an old fashion King James, soul winning, traditional, separated, missions minded church! For more information call 870-807-0598
    MAR - 2017
My name is Matthew Burgess, the Lord has called our family to the mission field of America's mid and north western states. We will be living mobile so we can continue from town to town spreading the Gospel and trying to plant ind Baptist churches. Our work is called PROJECT 35 and is local church sent plus has been ongoing for over 12 years. If you or your church would be interested in more information, or to schedule a meeting at your church, please contact Matthew Burgess at 931 300 2463 or email at matthewburgess62@gmail. Thank you and God bless.
    MAR - 2017
Independent Missionary Baptist Church located in the mountains of Western North Carolina are actively searching for a full-time pastor called by God to serve as the spiritual leader. We are looking for a pastor who has a heart for the church and its people, someone who will promote the spiritual and physical growth of the church, is gifted in teaching and preaching God’s word and is enthusiastic about being involved in the community and surrounding area. KJV only. We are not looking for pulpit supply. Apply only if you are interested in being a candidate for pastor. Please submit resume to Review of applications will begin immediately.
    MAR - 2017
My name is Mark Crabtree, I'm 49 years old, married once, and I do meet all of the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Throughout my 21 years of various service to the Lord, I still have a burning desire to see souls saved, Saints revived, and the Church reinvigorated. I'm traditional in my calling and leadership style. I encourage others to take on Rolls within the church, helping the ministry in a greater way. If you would like to speak with me concerning your pastoral needs, you can reach me by email at I look forward to speaking with you as God leads both you and I in His will.
    MAR - 2017
My name is Richard Lee Strong and I am 62 years old. I was saved in an Independent Baptist Church in 1985. Called to preach in 1986, and was ordained in 1989.

I have pastored five Independent Baptist Churches in Florida, Michigan and South Carolina. I have formal Bible education and received advanced degrees. All I have ever been taught from and have ever used is the King James Bible. I do not believe in the use of modern screens, projectors and the like for singing. Only the old fashioned song books. I am a committed soul-winner and have employed such efforts to build and grow the churches The Lord sent me to. I have been a bi-vocational preacher all these years. My wife is a gifted gospel music soloist and a true helpmeet. We have been married 25 years and all our children are grown with families of their own. We currently reside in Northeast Tennessee and are willing to go anywhere The Lord would lead us as we always have done.

If you are looking for a real old-fashioned Bible preacher who believes in the “old path, where in is the good way”, then give me a call or send an e-mail to discuss it further.

May the Lord bless you in your search.

Richard L. Strong
Phone 423-426-6956

    MAR - 2017
Seeking a place to serve as a Bible teacher in a church's Bible Institute or to pastor a small Independent Baptist Church. I am 57 years old and will soon retire from my US government position. My wife and I have been Independent Baptists for several years and are members of South Pointe Baptist Church in Anderson, SC. We have been married for 35 years and have two grown children and two grand children. My wife is an RN and is active in church activities including playing the piano.

I have an M.A. degree in Theology from Bethany Bible College and am active in various church ministries, including camp ministries, teaching, leadership positions, etc. My website is

I believe that a church should be separated from the world, and its vision is to impact its community in a way that honors God. I believe that any servant who leads others should provide vision and leadership that includes and engages all members. I only use the KJV in church and my desire is to reach the lost and equip the saints. I believe it is vital that we reach, preach and teach our youth the Scriptures so they will be prepared to live the life God wants for them. I see the need for families to be encouraged and grounded in the Word of God. I believe we live in a sinful world but God's grace thru His Son Jesus Christ is the only way to redeem sinful man. My geographical area of interest includes South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. I can be reached at 864-617-7637. Email is:


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