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My name is Rev. Antonio Arnold. I am interested in serving in a church with people who are eager to learn
the word of God, pray, study the word of God, reach out to their youth and grow in Christ. I'm married with 4 children and three grand children. I am presently residing in Petersburg, VA.

I have numerous years of experience in the ministry, my journey as a minister begun at a small church in the State of Virginia. I served from Associate Minister, Assistant Pastor, Pastor and now Stated Supply Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church.

I hold Master of Art of Theological Studies, Master of Religious Education (Chaplaincy) Degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminar. I am presently attending Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity Degree in Professional Ministry. God willing I will be conferred the degree, May 2015.

I'm license and ordain Baptist and my ecclesiastical endorsement is through Evangelical Church Alliance International in good standing.

I am looking for a church that loves the Lord wholehearted and wants a pastor with a vision who is willing to teach, lead, and preach the word in season and out of season. I preach from the Kings James Version Bible. I am a pastor who cares for people, love people and have concern for all people. My desire is to teach and preach the Word of God without compromising and win the lost to Christ my desire is to teach hope to God's people.

Are you seeking a seasoned leader with exceptional teaching and relational gifts and skills? Are you looking for a candidate that is passionate about knowing, living and teaching God's Word? Are you hungry and eager to find someone that will give you the meat of the Word? I possess these qualities plus more.

I'm a writer of two Christian books and also one in reference to my experience in New Orleans. I come from a Baptist Denomination traditional background. I do believe in the 18 articles of the Baptist Faith and the KJV Bible as the authorized word of God. My prayer is for God to send me to a people who need a Word of Hope, Love, Discipleship and Leadership. I'm looking forward towards hearing from you.

If you are not in need of a Pastor please forward this letter to a church that is in need of a pastor. I'm educated in a number of institutions of theological studies not listed but also through US. Army continue education for Army Chaplaincy.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Antonio Arnold

  JULY - 2014

Mature pastor with over 30 years experience in the pastorate, seeking a pastorate, interim pastorate, or associate pastorate in the Southeastern USA, preferably in Georgia. Conservative biblical theology. Traditional church music. KJV. Graduate of Bob Jones University (Bible) and Pensacola Christian College (M.S. 1981) References available. Bro. Cook
  JULY - 2014

My name is Evangelist Jeremy Cochran and I would like to be a help and encouragement to pastors and local Baptist churches who are in need of pulpit supply. I am an Independent Baptist located in Central Indiana. I am also available to preach evangelistic and revival meetings. Please visit www. or you may contact me at
  JULY - 2014

Bible Baptist Church of Pittsburgh is seeking a Pastor. Our current pastor is retiring after over 20 years of ministry in our church. We are an independent, fundamental Baptist church of about 40 members in the Pittsburgh suburb of Scott Township. We are a strong bible-believing church which worships God in a traditional worship service with sacred music. We seek a pastor with at least a bachelor’s degree from a Bible College and three years of pastoral experience who will provide strong leadership and a bold vision.

See our website at for more church information and send resumes to

  JULY - 2014

My name is David Patrick. I am 53 and hve been in the ministry for 30 years. I have pastored 3 churches and have experience in all areas of the ministry including music, youth and Christian schools. I am an IFB with convictions and compassion. Speaking the Truth in Love. I am KJV only, separated, soul-winning, missions minded, and willing to go anywhere the Lord should lead. My wife of 29 years is a great help and support. I have 3 children. One serving the Lord in a church in Ohio. We are eager to lead God's people to serve Him and see a church go forward. If interested I can email a resume and any other information you request. Contact me at or my cell 704-685-1348. Thank you.
  JULY - 2014

I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher seeking to do the will of God. I have pastored two churches in the past and have been on staff at three others including being a Dean of Students. I am currently seeking to go back into full time pastoring. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and a former police officer. I have been pastoring, ministering and teaching for the last 27 years. I am currently on staff full time in Atlanta, Ga. at an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. I have been happily married for 35 years to my high school sweetheart. We have raised three children all of which are faithful serving the Lord. I can be reached at 678-427-7209 or Resume available upon request. Thank you for your prayers and consideration.
  JULY - 2014

Independent Baptist Evangelist located in Central Illinois is booking revivals, pulpit supply and other preaching opportunities. Greg Holliger
  JULY - 2014

We are seeking a full time pastor with at least a Bachelor’s degree in theology or equivalent degree; leadership experience in ministry, spiritually mature; a gifted expositor; and a love of working with teenagers.
About our Church
Anchor Baptist Church was founded eight years ago in the rural farming town of Vanduser, MO located 12 miles from Sikeston, MO. Attendance averages between 50-60 on Sunday Mornings.
Our church is also home to the Anchor Academy a boarding school ministry for young men ages 16-24. The Academy houses about 25 residents and has a full time staff.
We are an Independent Baptist Church. Our services are traditional but relaxed. We care about substance more than style.
Please contact Trevor at 573-471-2965
  JULY - 2014

We are looking for a man who can run a print shop here at our Church. We have a web press, and a new digital press. You must have experience in graphic design. Must be able to do layouts in photo shop and other programs. You must be willing to work in all aspects of the printing ministry. You must be willing to serve under a pastor.

Sweet Springs Baptist Church
660 – 277 - 3963

Michael Pierard
World Mission Center
1027 CR 2445
Huntsville, MO 65259

  JULY - 2014

In Matthew 9:38, Jesus commands us to " Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest."

St Helens, Oregon is a harvest in need of labourers. The First Missionary Baptist Church has been a lighthouse in the community for nearly 78 years. We are currently praying that God will send someone to labor alongside of our Pastor in the work of the ministry. At this time the Church is unable to offer any salary for this position, but that may change as the Church begins to grow. The Church stands firm on the following doctrines:
- King James Bible Only
- Local Church, we reject any and all teaching of a Universal Church
- CLOSED Lord's Supper
- Baptist Baptism Only

We are a conservative church yet not legalistic in our standards. We sing primarily from the hymns but are open to doctrinally sound newer songs.

If you are interested in working in the Pacific Northwest, please email our pastor at
  JULY - 2014

My name is Robert K. Mitchell, and my family and I are seeking a Church to serve in. I was saved in October of 1998 at a presentation of Havens Gates and Hells Flames. I only went to this program because I was new in town and someone at work gave myself and my sister tickets to go and see the presentation. That night I was convicted by the Holy Spirit of my need for repentance and salvation. I gave my life to Jesus Christ that night, and I have been eagerly seeking to do His will ever since. I was invited to a Southern Baptist Church after my salvation and that is where I remained for the first few years of my Christian life. I did not grow up in Church, and I was completely unaware of all of the differences. I read through the KJV of the Bible in the first year I was saved. The Holy Spirit made the word come alive to me, and although I wasn’t sure what God was going to do with me I knew that I would be serving in ministry. I was licensed in the ministry in 2001 one, and ordained as a Pastor in 2008. I have recently resigned my position at Center Ridge Baptist Church in Ariton, AL, where I was the Pastor for six years. I am now attending an Independent Baptist Church, and I feel at home. I have not always been, but I am now KJV only, and I reject, and I always have rejected Calvinism, and all other ism’s believing that we are to find our understanding in the Bible alone. I am a passionate preacher with a passion for love, missions, and unity. I am not racist, and I will not be affiliated with a Church that is racist. My phone number is 334-733-6398 and my email is
  JULY - 2014

Open Door Baptist Church in Greenwood NY is seeking a full time Senior Pastor. We are a King James only church with traditional services. We are looking for someone to help our church to grow and who has a heart for children's ministries. We are a rural ministry located in upstate NY,our church sits on about 11 acres in the country. We offer a yearly salary and a parsonage.
Additionally we are seeking someone with a pastors heart who can love and reach out to the people in this area.
If interested you can reach us by
Phone Matthew Marvin (607) 295-7801
  JULY - 2014

My name is Steve Smith. I am 54 years of age and my family and I live in North Platte, Nebraska. I have been called by God to preach the gospel and I have previously been a pastor. I have previous experience teaching in a Christian day school (high school math and science) and we have homeschooled our children for the last 24 years. We are active members of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Ogallala, Nebraska. I belong in the ministry but I am having trouble discerning the will of God for our lives. If you can help then please email me at
  JULY - 2014

Independent Baptist Church in Maine is looking for a couple used church vans that are in good condition. we have a tremendous need so if you are selling at a good price or would be willing to donate please contact Pastor Chasse at
  JULY - 2014

My name is Charles Williams and I help churches in need of pulpit supply. I live in Asheboro, NC and I will do interim work within a 50 mile radius of Asheboro, fill your pulpit as there is need and I will do revivals at any distance. I am an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible preacher with 33 years of ministry experience in which 27 years were pastoral experience. I can furnish you with references, a resume and doctrinal statement. I preach only from the King James Bible. If I can be a help you can reach me at 336-839-0367 or 336-963-2934 or Email me at
  JULY - 2014


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