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Always been a bi-vocational independent, King James only Baptist preacher since 1986. Have pastored several Independent Baptist Churches. Door knocking soul winner and church builder. Have been blessed of The Lord to help struggling churches rebuild and continue. Married 23 years to a godly Christian woman who is a great example to other women younger or older and is gifted as a singer. Children are now grown and on their own. Will go anywhere The Lord asks me to go for the furtherance of His kingdom. Educated with secular degrees and advanced degrees from notable Bible schools. I don’t believe in the modern ways of doing things and the modern style of preaching. Have experience in both inner city and rural settings.

If you have any questions or would like to talk just call me anytime.
Richard Lee Strong

  JULY - 2015

A growing church in Brunswick GA is looking for men and women who want to learn the Bible while labouring for the Lord Jesus Christ. Those looking for preeminence, popularity, or a paycheck need not inquire. Our plan is to bring glory to God and turn Brunswick upside down with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are hungry for an opportunity to serve God and minister in a scriptural setting, come labour with us. Open doors are everywhere.

Call Pastor Ken at (843)441-7789

  JULY - 2015

My name is Brother Jacob Higgs, I am seeking a small church to lead in the Word of God. I currently lead the Wednesday night services and prayer meeting at the church my family and I are members of. I have been an ordained minister for a year and 3 months, been ministering in the church for that time. Before becoming ordained I worked with people in the oil field and still do today, I teach from King James only as do my wife. My wife conducts children service on Wednesday night and my daughter also. We all love spreading Gods word and helping bring people to know the Lord Jesus Christ as there savior. I am located just outside Victoria Tx, you can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you, God bless you all.
Bro. Jacob
  JULY - 2015

We are a small rural western PA church seeking a full time senior pastor. Baptistic in doctrine. Not KJV only, but not opposed to using it.
Our pew bibles are currently NASB. Our church is 25 years old and debt free. Congregation size 50 at this time with room and desire to grow.
Very mission minded currently support 10 missionaries. Doctrinal statement and some other info on our website. Please contact via email
  JULY - 2015

Wayside Baptist Church of Chesapeake, VA is located in what is called the Tidewater area with many cities surrounding it (Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Suffolk). We are a growing church with a definitive objective of remaining true to God’s Word. The applicant must be self motivated to assist in ministry needs, youth work, and Bible preaching and teaching. We are seeking someone who is married and has demonstrated maturity in life and service. He must also demonstrate leadership in organization, motivation, and instruction. Part of the responsibilities would include the following: Weekly youth meetings, activities, Sunday School, planning annual youth conference, Annual Valentines Banquet, evangelism, preaching and assisting the pastor as necessary. It should be noted that while we are looking for someone to work primarily with youth that duties will also have great amounts of interaction with the other demographics of the church. If you know God has called you and willing to seek His direction as to whether this may be the place God would have you to serve than please contact us either by phone or email. Be ready to submit your testimony of salvation, biblical standards, music, etc. Church phone is 757-485-2127 and email is You may also check out our website: We look forward to hearing from you!
  JUNE - 2015

I am an Independent Baptist, through-the-Bible expositor with the spiritual gifts of prophecy, evangelism, and administration.

14 years as Lead Pastor of same church.

Thousands saved. 400+ baptisms.

Grace Notes Sermon Ministry with tens of thousands of pastors following, downloading

30,000 sermons [avg.] per week.

Most downloaded contributor on [out of 10,000+]

10 years previous experience as Associate Pastor.

Served as Pastor of Outreach, Radio, Discipleship, and Music.

Church grew from 200s to 600s in 5 years.

Wife plays piano and sings

Much more info. at
  JUNE - 2015

I am a fundamental, independent, KJV Baptist preacher and am looking for a church of like faith. My family and I are currently seeking the Lord’s direction in where he would have us to serve as ministers of the Gospel. We are seeking a church which holds to Fundamental Independent Baptist teachings. A church which has a heart for the lost in its community and is doing what it can to take the Gospel to those around it. A church which is holding to the old paths and staying true to the Word of God both in faith and practice. We are looking for a church which holding to Biblical standards and is separated from worldly compromise. We are not interested in a church which accepts anything other than the King James Bible, nor are we interested in a church which is using adapted contemporary “Christian” music or follows after worldly, ecumenical church leaders.
I have been serving in the ministry now for going on 19 years. I have served in various ministries as an Asst. Pastor, Youth Pastor, Choir Director, Christian School Teacher, Bus worker/captain/driver, Jr. Church preacher, Sunday School teacher, Christian paper editor, & Christian radio holding many of these positions simultaneously. I have served both in full-time positions on staff as well as “volunteer” positions while working a full-time secular job. I feel that God is now leading me to move into the pastorate and am looking to pursue this avenue of God’s will for my life as He opens the door.
My wife and I have been faithfully married for almost 14 years and we have one daughter who is now 11 years old. God blessed me with an opportunity to grow up in a Christian home and to be saved at a young age in that home. God also saw fit to shine His grace upon me more than 17 years ago when I felt the call of God on my life to preach His Word and have been doing so ever since. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and opportunities to serve the Lord. We look forward to continuing to serve the Lord as a family wherever He may leads.
Please feel free to contact me using the information below as the Lord leads.



Cell: 336-303-9364 – please leave message

  JUNE - 2015

Desire a small church, budget/salary not a consideration. After years of church ministry experience, I am seeking the Lords direction for our first Pastorate position. I am experienced, educated, ordained and licensed. Presently serve on staff. Independent and fundamental, preach from KJV and still sing hymns. We are very excited and anxious to see what God has for us. If you are a small church having trouble finding someone willing, contact me. I promise to prayerfully consider every contact. You may contact Greg Holliger at 309-838-7152, or,
  JUNE - 2015

My name is Rev. Antonio Arnold. I am interested in serving in a church with people who are eager to learn the word of God, pray, study the word of God, reach out to their youth and grow in Christ. I'm married with 4 children and three grandchildren. I am presently residing in Petersburg, VA.
I’m 50 with over thirteen years in preaching the gospel and over twenty years serving in other areas of ministry. God has blessed me the opportunity to serve from Associate Minister, Assistant Pastor, Pastor and now Stated Supply Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church.
I hold Master of Art of Theological Studies, Master of Religious Education (Chaplaincy) and a Master of Divinity Degree in Professional Ministry 111 credit hours all from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

I'm highly educated in a number of other institutions of theological studies not listed but also through US. Army continue education for Army Chaplaincy. I'm license, ordain Baptist and my ecclesiastical endorsement is through Evangelical Church Alliance International and in good standing.
I'm an author of two Christian books and also one in reference to my military experience in New Orleans. I come from a Baptist Denomination traditional background. I do believe in the 18 articles of the Baptist Faith and the KJV Bible as the authorized word of God. My prayer is for God to send me to a people who need a Word of Hope, Love, Discipleship and Leadership. I'm looking forward towards hearing from you.
I am looking for a church that loves the Lord wholehearted and wants a pastor with a vision who is willing to teach, lead, and preach the word in season and out of season. I preach from the Kings James Version Bible. I am a pastor who cares for people, love people and have concern for all people. My desire is to teach and preach the Word of God without compromising and win the lost to Christ my desire is to teach hope to God's people.
Are you seeking a seasoned leader with exceptional teaching and relational gifts and skills? Are you looking for a candidate that is passionate about knowing, living and teaching God's Word? Are you hungry and eager to find someone that will give you the meat of the Word? I possess these qualities plus more.
If you are not in need of a Pastor please forward this letter to a church that is in need of a pastor.

Rev. Antonio Arnold

  JUNE - 2015

My name is Pastor Jerry. Baptist churches in America today need to return to our roots and be more like the early church in ACTS.
I am seeking a Baptist/Bible Church that is praying for a Pastor that will Preach/Teach the solid Word of God while setting the example
of serving and walking with our LORD and SAVIOR. My wife and I have been praying for a local Church that still has true Bible vision,
prays, has a true burden for the lost souls around them, and wants a Bible Pastor that they come come along side and serve while growing
both spiritually and numerically.

We must needs as Jesus did as He need go through the Samaria's of our world around us. I preach and stand on the KJB and am
ordained by men but more important is a calling and ordaining from our Savior in order to fill the true role of a pastor.
My Bible College does include seminary courses and my past along with being Pastor includes, youth ministry, starting a bus ministry
and being Bus Pastor, Asst. Pastor/Youth Pastor, preaching in revival meetings including outdoor tent meetings, and when not pastoring
filling pulpits of away Pastors.

My wife also has Bible College and has taught children in Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. She also has a beautiful singing voice and loves to sing the old hymns that Glorify our LORD. She is a Pastor's Wife.

My cell number is 210-551-2259. Right now we live in Texas but are willing to serve wherever and whenever our LORD leads.
God Bless you.

  JUNE - 2015

Pastor's lifetime library for sale. Conservative theology. Over 300 books. Will sale as a whole or by the book. Contact for a complete list of books and other information or questions
  JUNE - 2015

Thirty years experience as independent, Baptist pastor. Traditional, Conservative in theology, standards and music. Graduate of Bob Jones University. Use KJV only in preaching. Would consider starting new church with a group of families, in southeast U.S., especially in north Georgia. Bro. Cook 706-816-6141 or
  JUNE - 2015

Union Heritage Baptist Church in Bigalusa, La is in need of a young man and wife team to begin our youth program. We are a small church so this would be bi-vocational for now. If interested please send your info to:
  JUNE - 2015


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