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Central Christian Academy (Southington, CT) is looking for a 3 Octave set of handbells to use in our jr-high and high-school music program. If anyone knows of a set that is available, please contact Matt Bennett. or 203-848-9484

Matt Bennett
Music Faculty
Central Christian Academy
Southington, CT

SEP - 2016
Kansas City and surrounding area based preacher, teacher and minister seeking opportunity to fill the pulpit for any church who has need. Will consider a call as pastor if the LORD leads in that direction. I am KJV only, seperated with convictions. I am also a chalk talk artist, (think Esther Frye, John Moorman, or Peter Ruckman) and am able to present bible messages using multiple types of approaches that keep people's attention.

If your church has a need for revival, a pulpit needing filled, or a pastor, please contact me by email to inquire about my schedule, or ask any questions. Though I prefer to be in the Kansas City area, I will travel as the LORD leads, but I just ask that the church be understanding of the cost of travel if it would like me to come a long distance. If you would like me to show you a recent chalk-talk or other videos, please let me know.
SEP - 2016
Calvary Baptist Church at1411 School St, Columbia Tn. We are seeking Believers to come and work in the ministry. Some of the needs are music, bus and teachers. If you are born again, have a servants heart, and want to glorify God. Then, send us your resume, doctrinal statement and references.
You can contact us by email, which is or mail it to the address above. You may also call the church @931-398-0143.
SEP - 2016
We are a 35 year old church in Smyrna, TN that averages around 40 on Sunday mornings and we are in desparate need of a capable song leader and a piano player...a husband and wife team would be awesome! These positions would be currently unpaid, but would have the potential to become part-time paid positions as the church grows. Currently, I (the Pastor) am leading the music part of the worship service using soundtracks that accompany the hymns that we sing out of the hymnal. We are traditional in our worship, but we are not opposed to newer songs as long as they are Biblically based and not a cheap imitation of the world's music. Although we are traditional in our music, we are not ultra conservative..i.e. formal, void of all emotion, for we believe that God did not make us as robots. We are an independent, Bible-believing, non-Charismatic, Baptist church, and I teach and preach out of the King James Bible only. If you feel that it would be God's Will for you to come and help us, please e-mail me at You can also visit our website at Thank you! Pastor Josh Phillips
SEP - 2016
I am an independent Baptist with experience as a teacher and pulpit-filling preaching. I am available to help churches in South Central PA and Northern Maryland which may need an interim pastor or someone to fill a pulpit. My wife and I are both bilingual (English/Spanish) and have experience in short-term mission work. I am blessed with "secular" employment, so I do not request any offering or financial support from the church. I am willing to help financially struggling churches that may not be able to afford a pastor. I am willing to preach in any church, but I will not compromise or censor my positions and will speak as the Lord leads. I can be reached by phone or text 717-421-2128.
SEP - 2016
DUSTIN COOK 2012 Randolph Massey Rd
Alamo, TN 38001 Cell - (731) 618-9289

To the Deacon body and the local Church
What a honor and blessing it is for you all to take the time to look at my resume for the senior pastor position at God's local Church. My hearts desire is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and ultimately be in the center of God's will for His Ministry. As far as the vision for the church, my goals according to the Scripture is to see souls saved and lives changed in all aspects and visions for the church. Whether it is through the youth program, young adult classes or senior adults. The main objective at all times is to see souls saved and lives changed. I'm not in the entertainment business as in having the big shows and lights, I'm in the Soul winning business. Yes, I do believe in having activities in Church as long as the goals are based around souls getting Saved, not worldly pleasures just to entertain the Church. The world needs to see the church in us, not the world in the church. As far as the leadership of the church according to Scriptures, I believe that God is the head, pastor is lead by the Holy Spirit, and the church follows the vision of the pastor, but ultimately the church is in order by church votes. My motto in the church and outside of the church is this, “PREACH” the Word, “PRAY” for the lost and each other, and “REACH” lost souls for the Kingdom of God. Why is this my motto? #1 reason, IT'S SOUND DOCTRINE. It's not about gimmicks and games. I take church serious,Why? Because souls that's dying and going to Hell is not funny, and It's not a game you play with, that's why I'm so serious about soul winning. I believe if we're building the Kingdom we want have any problems building the church. God said GO!!!! He would do the increasing. It's not my job to get in the way of God, and it's not the churches job either. Our job is to be in His will, not to get in His way. I want to make this known that there is something running through our baptist churches, and that is Calvinism. I totally rebuke there doctrine 100%. I believe ultimately that the Bible teaches the free will of mankind. I pray and ask that you seek God's face in the consideration of my family and I. Thanks so much again for your time and consideration. May God bless you all and His house, and may God's will be done. In Jesus Glorious name Amen

SEP - 2016
Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Milwaukee area seeking a Senior Pastor to lead a Church of about 60 to 70 members.

After 20 years of faithful service, our Pastor has retired.

We are looking for someone that is strong on biblical repentance, we do not use the Roman's Road as the sole method for reaching the lost, and we believe once saved, always saved. We do not believe that simply praying a prayer or inviting Jesus into your heart is a way to be saved.

We are King James Version for English and Textus Receptus based.

We do not want drum sets, electric guitars, or praise/worship bands at our Church. We sing traditional hymns and songs, and believe that music should be uplifting and Christ honoring. We also have a small choir, and orchestra, soul winning ministry, bus route, and junior church.

We believe there should be a distinct difference between the way men and women dress.

We are looking for the person God wants in this ministry. We are praying that God is preparing the right person for this work, and that we will be led to that person.

Criteria listed plainly to avoid wasting anyone's time,
please do not reply if you have a problem with anything listed above.
This posting is not an invitation to debate beliefs,

Please reply with background summary and contact information if interested, also include the word "September" in the subject line of your email reply,

Southside Baptist Church
West Allis, WI

SEP - 2016
Cornerstone Baptist Church in Salem, IL is in need of an Assistant/Youth Pastor. Will be bi-vocational to start but will grow into a full-time position as the church grows. Small but growing church in a growing community with good economy and readily available employment. Will help with moving expenses. Contact:

Pastor Paul Frederick
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Salem, Illinois
Cell: 618-339-2598

SEP - 2016
Small Independent Missionary Baptist Church nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina are actively searching for a full-time pastor called by God to serve as the spiritual leader. We are looking for a pastor who has a heart for a small church and its people, someone who will promote the spiritual and physical growth of the church, is gifted in teaching and preaching God’s word and is enthusiastic about being involved in the community and surrounding area. KJV only. Please submit resume to Review of applications will begin September 30, 2016.
SEP - 2016
We are a small independent Baptist Church looking for youth leaders in or around the Fairmont, WV area. This would be a non-paying position at this time. We are looking for a couple that has a heart and desire to work with the youth. E-mail address is or call 304-363-3373 for additional information.
SEP - 2016
my name is Joseph Clay Naylor i am recently called to preach since June 28th and i feel God wants me to pastor! I would prefer NC because of my transportation you see i live in Winston Salem NC in a small town between Winston Salem and King called Rural Hall NC you can text me or call me 336-830-2734 thank you from clay
AUG - 2016
Independent, Fundamental Baptist preacher seeking a church of like faith to pastor. I am KJV only, missions minded and for fulfilling the Great Commission. I stand for old fashioned soul winning (not 1,2,3 say a prayer). My music is the old time hymns and gospel songs (not contemporary). I have completed a four degree in Pastoral Theology and a devoted student of the Bible.
If this is what you are looking for in your Pastor please contact me by e-mail.
AUG - 2016

We are an independent Baptist Church plant in Eaton Ohio. The church started in June of 2016 and is averaging about 30 on Sunday mornings. We are looking for a man to lead singing and begin developing a group for a choir. This would be a non paid position for right now as we are a church plant and getting established. For more information please contact Pastor Ben Myers at 937-409-2903 or at Our church website is

AUG - 2016
My name is Thomas S. Miller, I am 67 Years Young, I am not slowed down a bit, God is not finished with me yet! I am a widower, but my grown daughter and my grandson live with me and assist me in ministry. My last church was a church of seniors as it was in a desert area filled with snow birds. Due to many home goings and having to move in with the children it merged with an other church in the nearest real town. I am seeking Gods will and direction to an other church to pastor. I am old fashioned to the core. I am KJV only and have always been independent Baptist, but if you want to know where I stand it would be Old Line Regular Baptist. I despise contemporary Church Music it is not Church music! My preaching style is dust raising, sin kicking, devil chasing, soul winning, Bible Preaching! I currently live in Tucumcari New Mexico, but will relocate. Phone number 575-708-9016
AUG - 2016
Current River Baptist Church, in Doniphan Missouri, is looking for a Youth Pastor and wife. We are an independent Baptist church that stands upon and adheres to the Fundamental Doctrines of the Faith once delivered to the saints. We Teach and Preach from the 1611 Authorized King James Bible.
There is a great need here for a Youth Pastor who can invest themselves in the youth program. We are looking for a husband and wife team to work with our young ladies and young men.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and send a resume to Bro. Todd Taylor, Pastor CRBC
AUG - 2016
I am a conservative, ordained Baptist preacher with a burning desire to bring the cross of Christ to a lost and dying world. My wife (of 48
years and no other) go door-knocking every week and deliver the true
gospel (the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for our
sins, according to Scripture - 1 Cor. 15:1-4) to as many as will receive
it (people are really surprised to see Baptists out door-to-door
witnessing). I have pastored three churches (Southern Baptist and
Independent) in Mississippi, Alaska, and Kansas and led them from
failing to fulfilled. I am an Air Force retiree and am low maintenance,
moderate energy, and share the Lord's compassion for people of all
kinds. At present, we are in the Tennessee Bible Belt working with a
young pastor in a startup church. As the Lord leads, we plan to get out of the way when this church is on its feet and running the race. We feel led to minister in the U.S. mid-west or south-west according to His will. We practice the Baptist Distinctives, preach the KJV (and know why from deep research); eschatologically pre-millenial but
tribulationally neutral (we teach the various views and allow you to
choose); non-charismatic and musically conservative. We love children and have many multi-media presentations to teach them the way of salvation and Christian discipleship. We strongly believe that
Christian discipleship is greatly lacking in Baptist churches and we
practice family-to-family discipleship. We also want to teach the
church to remember the elders and shut-ins when they are no longer able to attend church. We thrive on ministering to startup, needy, or failing churches. Please contact us at Anywhere is OK with us if the Lord is in it.
AUG - 2016
   About myself: I am 33 years of age, married to a beautiful wife "1st and only woman to marry", and have a step daughter. I received my salvation in September 2007 and baptized in November of 2007 under a Baptist Church in Louisiana. My wife is a more mature lady 50 years of age. She was married before but her husband cheated on her repeatedly and after trying to work through that for many years she filed for divorce. She received her salvation about three years ago and then I asked her to marry me. Her name is Jeannine. My step daughter is Emily, 17 years of age and she received her salvation just a few months after Jeannine. My wife and daughter where baptized the next Sunday service after they received there salvation. They both have been teaching kids the Bible since then.
    Doctrine: I preach from the King James Bible, I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I believe that they are all the same, with different roles as how He comes into our lives. I also believe in satan, and the role he plays in lives of non believers. I believe satan tries to convince believers into thinking that God doesn't care for them. I believe that satan uses the Word of God against them in trying to miss lead. After all he tried to tempt Jesus Christ with Gods word, if he tried that with Christ why not try it on us, "Matt 4". I do not believe that the Word of God is to fit our life or to be changed to fit our life, I believe the Word of God is to change our lives to fit His Word, " Romans 12:2". I believe in one salvation, and one baptism, I believe in one faith. This is one salvation through the blood of Christ, one baptism in water "fully submerged" to represent the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and one faith that is God the Father. I do not believe that baptism gets you into heaven nor does it save your eternal soul, I do not believe that we can earn, work, nor buy our way into heaven. There is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ. I do not believe that once you have your salvation, that you can lose that salvation. With that said, I do believe that even after receiving this gift, a person can still backslide and live outside the will of God. But I do not believe that they lose there salvation.
    Denomination: I received my ordination through a non denomination organization. I do not believe denomination is a factor in salvation. I do not look down nor preach against any denomination as a whole, granted some have beliefs I do not agree with nor believe but I will not judge, that is not my job. However, if faced with a challenge of Gods Word I will not be quiet and just let it be made a mockery of.
    Closing: If you feel I could be of some use to your church feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you. God bless
Bro. Jacob
AUG - 2016
Grace and Peace to you in the Name above every name. My name is Caleb Wilson and I am an expositional Bible preacher and teacher. I am married and have two young boys, and a little girl on the way. The Lord has blessed me in ministry since He called me to preach almost 4 years ago on the spot during an outreach in my local area. By the grace of God, I preached for over an hour to in downtown Knoxville’s Market Square. God has since set me up to teach and preach in a local Knoxville Church, an opportunity I am most grateful for. Still, I do open air evangelism, as well as several internet ministries, one including a home church that reaches over 1000 people a broadcast. I have attended two churches throughout my life primarily. West Side Baptist Temple with Pastor Mike Earl and Temple Baptist Church with Pastor Charles Lawson. Both 30+ year faithful servants to their Lord, and their Flock. I am seeking additional preaching opportunities. If you would like to have me come and preach, you may contact me at my mobile number or email. It is with great joy that I look forward to hearing from whomever The Lord sees fit to connect me with. God Bless. Nehemiah 8 and Romans 5:8 are two of my favorite texts. Amen.
Please Contact:
AUG - 2016


My name is Bob and I am 46 years old with a wife and two teen children. I was saved at the age of 16, and called to preach at the age of 34. I have some college training and have been under some great men of God to learn some practical areas of the ministry. I am a licensed preacher and am continuing my education, but desire to serve the Lord in a full-time capacity. I live in Charlotte, NC and am willing to move when and where the Lord opens the door.

With a lot of prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, my desire is to work under a good strong, wise, practical and proven Pastor and learn while practicing what I have been taught through the years. Although God has called me to preach and eventually Pastor, I feel the need to learn in action before going into a pastorate. I love teaching and preaching, but I also realize that feeding the sheep is not the only duties of an Undershepherd.

With remodeling/construction experience, my whole life, I have the ability to keep the church property looking the best that it can be. My construction experience has also allowed me to manage trades within a heavy schedule in order to complete projects in a timely/cost effective manner. In addition, I have experience in church janitorial and maintenance.

I am willing to work in whatever areas that need the most attention. I grew up learning to appreciate good music and have served in the role of a music/choir director. I play the guitar in a classical style while my wife plays the piano. I have worked on a bus route for a brief time and also been active in soul winning and nursing home ministries as well.

I can send my Doctrinal Statement and resume upon request, as well as references. If you have an interest, please feel free to contact me by email at or call my cell phone at (803)448-4169.

AUG - 2016
Independent Fundamental Baptist Church seeking a Senior Pastor to lead a Church of about 70 to 80 members. Church building seats about 120 with a small Parsonage that needs some work,

We are looking for someone that is strong on biblical repentance, we do not use the Roman's Road as a method for reaching the lost, and we believe once saved, always saved. We do not believe that praying a prayer or inviting Jesus into your heart is a way to be saved.

We are King James 1611 and Textus Receptus based. We do not want drum sets, electric guitars, or praise/worship bands at our Church. We sing traditional hymns and songs, and believe that music should be uplifting and Christ honoring.
We believe there should be a distinct difference between the way men and women dress.

Criteria listed plainly to avoid wasting anyone's time,
please do not reply if you have a problem with anything listed above.
This posting is not an invitation to debate beliefs,
Please reply with background summary information if interested.

AUG - 2016
Licensed, Ordained Independent Fundamental Baptist Pastor and wife currently seeking God's will and praying for direction as we prepare for a ministry transition. Resume and references available upon request. Please contact:
AUG - 2016
Dr. Dan Botterbrodt (
(808) 313-0344
I have been preaching and teaching God's Word for 35 years; I am seeking a long- term pastoral ministry in an independent Baptist church with same doctrinal and separation convictions (Amos 3:3)
Personal and Family Information
Date of Birth: April 27, 1965
Wife: Rhonda; married July 18, 1987
Children: Justin and wife Wendy; grandson Miles
Ryan and wife Grace
Ordination: Clear Lake Baptist Church, Clear Lake, Iowa (1992)
Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies
Master and Doctor of Theology
Master of Ministry
Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies
Ministry Experience
Church Planter – Hawaii Big Island
• Established Amazing Grace Baptist Church, Naalehu, Hawaii
• Needing to return to the mainland for my wife's health related to the active volcano on the island
Founder – Independent Baptist Institute (
• Providing MP3 and printed resources online to missionaries and national pastors around the world
• Gospel presentation in more than 50 languages
Pastor and Interim Pastor
Assistant Pastor
• Bible College Administrator and Instructor
• Christian School Principal and Teacher
• Youth and Outreach / Education
Sunday School Teacher
Pulpit Supply Preacher
References (Available upon request)
AUG - 2016


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