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Fellowship Baptist Church of Fairmont, WV is seeking a full time Youth Pastor for our church. We are an independent, Baptist church that has a desire to win souls for Christ and to teach and train believers. We are a very conservative church in our Scripture (we only use the KJV), separation, and music. We are praying that the Lord will send us a godly couple of strong character and who have servants’ hearts that will love our young people and lead them as described in Eph. 4:11-15 and reach unsaved teens for Christ. It is our desire for the youth pastor to lead our teens in loving the Lord with all their heart and a desire to serve Him. The youth pastor would also have the opportunity of teaching the teens at least twice each week, preparing monthly youth activities (both for fellowship and outreach) and seeing a vibrant youth ministry grow under his leadership. The responsibilities of the youth pastor also include filling the pulpit on occasion, assisting in the ministry, teaching one Sr. High Bible class and giving direction in our Bus ministry.

If you should desire to contact me for more information regarding our need, I would look forward to hearing from you. You can also view our website at I can be reached at Fellowship Baptist Church (304-363-2765), home (304-366-2244) or by email.

  NOV - 2014

Abundant Life Baptist Church in Troy, Missouri is seeking a pastor. We are located about an hour northwest of St. Louis. We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist church and we teach and preach from the KJV. We sing both traditional hymns and more contemporary God honoring songs and choruses. We are not legalistic in nature. We seek a pastor who puts an emphasis on preaching and teaching the Bible and reaching the lost. We believe a pastor is more than just a preacher and should be gifted in other areas such as leadership and counseling. We are confident that God will send us a humble servant to shepherd the flock who loves God, loves people and has a heart for ministry. Our congregation has a spirit of unity and we are in prayer regarding our next pastor. We can be reached via email at coachpoore@Hotmail
Our website is
  NOV - 2014

Two Families believe that God is leading them to plant two churches in Boston, & surrounding metropolitan area. Looking for insight or wisdom from anyone who lives / pastors in the area. Please send info to
  NOV - 2014

My name is Greg Smith, I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher seeking to do the will of God for me and my wife. I believe that the King James Bible is the Word of God perfectly preserved. I have been involved in full-time ministry for 36 years. I have been serving as the Associate Pastor for the last 21 years at the same church in West Virginia. It is my desire to pastor a church that has a vision for world evangelism and is committed to growing through the clear preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

I have been involved in various types of ministry over these 36 years.

- Preaching in the pastor’s absence, Teen Revivals, Juvenile Detention Center
Ministry, Alpine Bible Camp (Beckley, WV) and preaching on other occasions;
- Conducted weddings and funerals
- Teaching experience: Young Adults Class, New Converts Class, AWANA,
Teens on weekly basis; Soul Winning courses, YCI clubs in the public
schools, Discipleship groups and Junior Church;
- Lead the Nursing Home Ministry, Puppet Ministry and Visitation Ministry
- Music: Choir Director, lead the congregational singing and Soloist
- Lead numerous Mission Trips in the US and internationally.

My wife is very supportive of my role in the ministry and is a great asset. She has served alongside me in multiple areas over the years. She has taught Sunday School, Junior Church, AWANA, Teen girls, ladies groups and has been a secretary.

I have been married for 34 years, and my wife and I have two children who are both married and have children. My son serves as Family Pastor at a church in Alabama. I can be reached at (304) 687-6727 or e-mail me at My resume with references is available upon request. Thank you for your prayers for my wife and I as we seek God’s perfect will.

  NOV - 2014

Pastor with over 30 years experience in the pastorate, seeking a pastorate or interim pastorate in the Southeastern USA. Conservative biblical theology. Traditional church music. KJV. Graduate of Bob Jones University (Bible). References available. Bro. Cook
  NOV - 2014

Pastor seeking church. My name is David Patrick. I have been in the ministry 30 years. I have pastored three churches and am looking to pastor again. I have experience in all areas of the ministry including youth, music, Christian school teacher and principal, Bible college teacher, etc. I am KJV, conservative, separated, soulwinning, etc. My theme is "speaking the truth in love" My wife of 30 years is very supportive of me and our ministry. I have 3 children 21,18,and 17 years of age who are all saved and have good testimonies. Feel free to contact me at or 704-685-1348. Thank you.
  NOV - 2014

My name is Rev. Antonio Arnold. I am interested in serving in a church with people who are eager to learn and hear the word of God.
I'm married with 4 children and three grandchildren. I am presently residing in Petersburg, VA.

I'm 49 with over thirteen years in preaching the gospel and over twenty years serving in other areas of ministry. God has blessed me the opportunity to serve from Associate Minister, Assistant Pastor, Pastor, Hospital Chaplain (Volunteer) and now Stated Supply Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church.

I hold Master of Art of Theological Studies, Master of Religious Education (Chaplaincy) Degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminar. I am presently attending Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity Degree in Professional Ministry 106 credit hours. God willing I will be conferred the degree, Dec 2014. In addition to Liberty University, I'm also educated in a number of institutions of theological studies not listed but through US. Army continue education for Army Chaplaincy. I have only two course to complete thank you Lord. I'm license, ordain Baptist and my ecclesiastical endorsement is through Evangelical Church Alliance International and in good standing.

I'm an author of two Christian books and also one in reference to my military experience in New Orleans. I come from a Baptist Denomination traditional background. I do believe in the 18 articles of the Baptist Faith and the KJV Bible as the authorized word of God. My prayer is for God to send me to a people who need a Word of Hope, Love, Discipleship and Leadership. I'm looking forward towards hearing from you. I am looking for a church that loves the Lord wholehearted and wants a pastor with a vision who is willing to teach, lead, and preach the word in season and out of season. I preach from the Kings James Version Bible. I am a pastor who cares for people, love people and have concern for all people. My desire is to teach and preach the Word of God without compromising and win the lost to Christ my desire is to teach hope to God's people.

Are you seeking a seasoned leader with exceptional teaching and relational gifts and skills? Are you looking for a candidate that is passionate about knowing, living and teaching God's Word? Are you hungry and eager to find someone that will give you the meat of the Word? I possess these qualities plus more.
Rev. Antonio Arnold

  NOV - 2014

Independent Baptist Evangelist located in Central Illinois is booking revivals, pulpit supply and other preaching opportunities. Greg Holliger 
  NOV - 2014


God has called me to preach and to minister in a local church setting and has given me a burden to be a pastor. I am an Independent Baptist. I believe the King James Version to be preserved translation for the English speaking people. In worship, I am traditional and conservative. And I am hard working. God has blessed me with a great wife whose skills are helpful in ministry. She earned a degree in Elementary Education, plays piano, and sings. We both received degrees from West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA.

*Resume and doctrinal statement upon request=

  NOV - 2014

I am seeking a pastorate in New York's Mohawk Valley. I am living in Little Falls and seek a ministry within 40 minutes of my house. I am an ordained, Independent Baptist preacher with 14 years in ministry serving as pastor and missionary evangelist. I am not mean or a hobby horse preacher. I am seeking a body of believers that desires Christ to be the focus of their church. For resume & preaching Contact me @
  NOV - 2014

Do you have a few books you will never read or are just taking up space on your shelves? Want extra cash to buy new books?
We buy pastor's libraries and theological collections within a 4-5 hour drive of Harrisburg, PA. Please email Matt at
  NOV - 2014


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